Youth Fitness Contest: "60 Ways to Play 60"
 sponsored by:

  Atlanta Falcons Football Team

How to Vote:

If you have any difficulty voting for Mike's idea for combating youth obesity in Georgia (a contest which will help Mike pay for ropes, transportation, instruction and food and water for kids learning jump rope in Tanzania and Kenya), try following these instructions:

  1)    Click on or paste the website in your browser:

  2)    In the top right corner, click on "sign in"

  3)    In the little dialog box, click on "new user? create an account here!"

  4)    Create an account username: you can use your your real name or a web name (eg. "Mary57")

  5)    Enter your e-mail address, and enter your first and last name. 

  6)    Put the "CAPTCHA" phrase in the box (the CAPTCHA helps filter spam)

  7)    Hit "create new account"

  8)    An e-mail will be sent to you.  Check your e-mail, and click on the "https" address that follows "Log in here"  (it's a very long https number!)

  9)   You will get to a "onetime log-in" screen

10)    click on "Log in" - Create and Confirm a New Password - and then hit "Save" button at the bottom of page

(As you go along, you will often get little info boxes like "an account has been created" - after you read it, just click on the "x" to get rid of the box)

11)    You can now create an entire profile, with your organizations, interests, etc., but that isn't necessary if you just want to vote for Mike's idea and support Mike's project.

12)    Return to:

13)    Click on the little blue "thumbs up" on the right side

14)    You can also add both Mike and the project to "Favorites" - leave a comment by clicking on the "Discuss" icon - or add to "Friends" 

Thanks! This is an inexpensive way to support One World One Rope!



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